Daz 4.5 Studio has utterly quit on me..

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Ok, here's the deal guys. After I restarted my computer this morning, and loaded DAZ, everything loaded, except the main window..Here's a screencast..

Note : At 1:00 and afterwards, you may see a perpetual blue and white/black line sort of blackout. IDK why.


So, any theories as to why this is happening?
(I'm guessing OpenGL or something)
Well, other 3D programs seem to be working fine, such as Blender 2.6x.


P.S : i tried reinstalling drivers, and DAZ3D... no luck.


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    Yeah, looks like your video card is to blame...whether it's just a driver issue or something else, is yet to be determined.

    Do you have an AMD/ATi video card?

    And what is the flashing shield on the task bar wanting to alert you about?

    It kind of looks like a driver update, possibly, has either not finalized (reboot) or has a borked OpenGL (does the OpenGL render/display work in Blender?), again.

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    Umm... the flashing shield is JavaUpdate.exe (noone even cares to update it -.-)

    Sigh.. AMD to be sure.
    Actually, AMD graphic cards tend to crash on Blender, so I was using an umm.. Intel crappy card. *wink (switchable graphics)

    And yes, Blender works fine.
    So, what am I to do now??

    I hate ATI. Ain't even compatible with Cycles

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    Anyone? Please help!

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    Anyone? Please help!

    MJC1016 suggested you update the drivers for your model video card. Have you done so?

  • mjc1016mjc1016 Posts: 15,001
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    That's the best bet, right now...

    You may also want to, in addition to the latest version, try one version previous to the one you currently have installed.

    Grab the drivers from here


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