How to open?

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Ok, I am being stupid I guess. But how do you open and start the Bryce program?? I don't find the icon, it doesn't show up anywhere in my computer.


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    Find where Bryce is installed and in the main folder, launch Bryce.exe. Once you've located it, you might want to create a shortcut for later use.

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    @texjones: You haven't said which operating system you're using, so I'm assuming it's Windows. If it's other than Windows them someone else will have to help.

    If you let Bryce install automatically, you should find the program under Program Files > DAZ 3D > Bryce7 > Bryce (the icon looks like a mountain on a flat surface). Once you find the program icon in the above folder, you can then double click on it or right click on it and scroll down to Send. When you reach Send a side menu opens and you can choose Send to Desktop(short cut) to send a copy of the Bryce program icon to your desktop.

    If you can't find the Bryce program under the path I mentioned above, click on Start and enter Bryce in the Search programs and files box. You should then see every instance of Bryce on your computer. Note the path so you can go there through Computer on the Start Menu. Also, if you let install wizard install Bryce on your Start Menu, you can click on Start and you should see the Bryce icon there.

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    ok, I got it. I forgot to download the main program when I downloaded everything else, duh. Looks cool, can't wait to see what I can come up with.

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