Mimic plugin for 4.5

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I installed and checked the plugins. One that is not loading is called dzmimicrealtime. I bought Mimic Lite ages ago in a sale (but I don't think I've ever used it). I assumed it was this so I re-downloaded and re-installed it but this plugin is still not loading.

Do you need to upgrade to a newer version of Mimic, or is this plugin something different?


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    I think Mimic Lite is different from dzmimicrealtime, which I suspect is Mimic Live (http://www.daz3d.com/shop/software/mimic/mimic-live), which in turn is the only 64-bit version of Mimic available. This one appears to only work with a microphone.

  • Peter WadePeter Wade Posts: 1,009
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    Thanks for that, ReDave.

    The product page only talks about using a microphone. I don't know if you can fiddle about with the audio in Windows so it thinks an audio player output is the microphone, probably not supported even if it is possible.

    Anyway, I hardly ever do animations so I'm not paying $49.95 for it. I had a quick look at Mimic Lite which has been sadly neglected by me so far. I've found that it is a standalone program to create pose files so no plugin is needed, and the Daz Documentation page links to it's manual (HTML and PDF versions) don't work anymore. I assume it is still supported since it is still in the store.

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