Clothing Cleavage Modifier problems

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I keep trying to use this product to get rid of "cling" and to get the smooth look seen in the promotion pictures. Instead, I get lines under the breasts and a big bump in between the breasts.

I've tried many different types of the cleavage morphs, and none of them look very good.

Does anyone know how to use this product to get a smooth look? (I've tried applying a smoothing modifier, which gets rid of the lines under the breasts, but it creates a dip between the breasts that looks quite odd.)

I've attached a picture to show my best effort. It's genesis with the Historical Armor autofitted.


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  • JimmyC_2009JimmyC_2009 Posts: 8,891
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    I have not used the cleavage modifier, but I cannot imagine that it would be meant to work with armour. Armour is a hard surface, and Autofit wont do to well with it either I think.

    Here is a thread that Richard posted a short while ago about using armour on Genesis :

    Se if that helps for now.

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    It will work better on some items than others, but make sure you are using the modifier morph that matches the female morph you are using.

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    Thanks for the replies. I ended up combining a smoothing modifier with a generic base shape (in the smoothing modifier tab) and a V5 morph (since I used Addison for the body) to get something that looks okay for a different shirt. The armor still doesn't look great, but maybe it's just one of those things that don't work.

    One last question. I keep trying to use the bottom smooth for the clothing cleavage modifier. (I put a pair of tight pants on, then used the bottom smoother.) But the problem is that nothing happens, no matter which model's dial I use. When I use the cleavage smoother, there are visible changes.

    Is there a trick to using the bottom smoother portion?


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    I have the same issues that you have. Bottom morphs do nothing at all. Breast morphs leave lumps and bumps. The promos look nice, but I don't get those results. Sadly I've decided that the Clothing Cleavage Modifier was a waste of money for me. Maybe my expectations were too high. There is only a small list of supported morphs and characters. It supports some V5 breast morphs, but not all. It predates the release of Stephanie 5, and no update has been released to accommodate S5. Even if I try to use just the supported morphs and characters, I have not had good results. I hope someone has some insight to post here to help us out.

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    barbuilt, for me it really helped to apply a smoothing modifier to the shirt if it didn't already have one. Then I went to parameters --> general --> mesh smoothing.

    This is a trick I heard in the forums for something else. Under mesh smoothing, choose "generic" under "smoothing type" instead of "base shape matching." That really helps smooth out the bumps, although sometimes I had to bump the smoothing iterations up to 10 or so. That needs experimentation.

    The other thing that helped was identifying the model's body type. I was using Addison, a V5 character. So I experimented with the V5 sliders to get bumps that were about what I needed.

    It still looks a bit funky at various angles if you look closely. It's definitely not a perfect fix. Maybe a version 2 of this product will come out with some improvements. That would be nice, since I'm using this to make book covers that aren't in the romance genre. :)

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