Wondering why it's not rendering?

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Hi Daz friends,
I'm new to Daz S and have found it to be a whole new wonderful world.

I've been rendering away like a steam train for a month then today the option to "save' no long applies
I'm sure it's something basic that's alluding me.
Have turned computer off and on..nothing
Changing scenes..nothing
Any help and i'd be over the moon...thanks:-)


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    Which save option are you talking about? You mean the save button on the bottom of the render screen? It is greyed out intil the render is finished.

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    Hi XoechZ,
    Firstly thanks for replying.
    Yes...it's taking ages then never happens
    And I mean ages then cuts out

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    Are you seeing black areas in your image? Then DAZ is still rendering. You have to be patient, some renders take hours, according to your scene, lights and render settings. The save option is only available when rendering is finished.

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    Nope all colours and all fine
    Quite a basic scene really
    Can't believe my first post was a dim witted one

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    The Save button is greyed out untill you supply a name for the render.

    You can also use File > Save Last Render to see what the last render was.

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    Hi Jimmy,
    Yes,it's named and finished loading,but still not rendering.
    I may just do the File > Save last render route till it works out.
    Really simple question but it's got me beat

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    P.S Thanks for your help..I'm loving this 3d world.

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    "named and finished loading"?

    Hm, I am not sure we are talking about the same things. Can you tell us exactly what you are doing?

    You load your scene, go to the render tab and hit the render button? And then?

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    Yes load scene,go to render,hit render,opens up in another window.
    After that it stays open and doesn't give me the option of saving.
    It's just a girl and a small room setting..no amazing sets or anything large.
    Praying it's not my computer although I can't see why.
    It really is a simple thing that we've all been doing every time we do another pic.

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    I think I may of solved it.
    When I was clearing out folder,I think I didn't have a new path to store new renders.
    I've just added a new folder outside of Daz and it seams to work although I like the old way..
    Thanks for sticking with me..it got me there

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    Ok, I understand. Yes, in the render settings you have two options. Render to library or render to folder. If you choose render to folder and enter a folder path you can do it as always. Enter a name after the render is finished and hit save. Then the image is saved to that defined folder.

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    Yes,library is not an option for some reason but saving outside of Daz is fine with me at this moment.
    Biggest thanks to you

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    Just another cautionary note on the saving rendered images topic.

    I made a mistake last weekend, in changing the location of my save-to directory, without changing the path in the image-save window.

    15 renders later. about four hours of careful scene tweaking and lighting adjustments, I went to look at my saved images and they were nowhere.

    That is, Studio 4.5...114 went through all the save motions, no error msgs or other indications that there was a save-path problem, but what happened to the images is anybody's guess.

    They weren't saved at all, actually. Just gone. Searched my whole hard drive; nothing at all.

    So, no other software I use has such a fundamental flaw as to not at least notify about path problems, but, live and learn.

    Make sure about your destination path before hitting the save button.

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    That is very strange as Daz Studio won't let you save with a path...was this an animation?

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