Can I Export AniMate2 Animations As FBX Files?

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I'm trying to set up a decent pipeline from Daz to Unity.

I've created quite a few custom animations in Daz, and want to export them individually into Unity. I've been successful exporting a model with baked animations into Unity, but here's my problem:

Whenever I have multiple aniblocks on the timeline, the animations always alter each other. Thus, I want to export each animation separately without having several instances of the same model. Is this possible?

Maybe there's a way to convert AniMate2 animations to FBX files outside of Daz?


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    If you use an animation format which isn't also a Model format, such as BVH, then you can export what you want, (animation only).

    Hope it helps :)

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    Thanks 3DAGE, but Unity only natively imports .mb, .ma, c4d, and FBX files to my knowledge.

    I'm able to duplicate the animations inside Unity, and then delete the extra models that aren't needed, but this is a bit timely; hoping to find a more efficient way, so suggestions are much appreciated.

    If anyone knows of a good BVH to FBX converter, or something similar, that would be great...

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