Why does the camera move to wrong place after setting upp all before even thinking of animation?

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I have noticed that after setting up everything and moved the camera to point A.
After that I set up things in the Animation setup with duration of the video I noticed
the camera jumps back to default position! The point before I moved it to point A.

Happends also then things are setup and looks ok! I move the scrubber on the timeline,
bang, camera moves back to default position! I try to set a keyframe at start position and
it helps sometimes and sometimes not! I have to start all over again before I get camera
locked at point A, before I can begin as planned!

I hope you understand what I mean! :roll:

Which is the best way to follow to get as you wants,
and not have to redo all from start?


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    When starting a new project, first job, select camera and hit add keyframe button, move camera into position required and hit keyframe button again.
    It should then always be in that position at frame one until you move it.

    Hope this helps.

    If the timeline gets a bit mixed up and the camera starts acting in ways it shouldn't, you don't have to re-do the whole thing.
    Just select the camera and using the 'next keyframe' button in the timeline control find all the keyframes controlling the camera and delete them, then just re-do them.

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