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Is there any way to changfe the DS4.5 interface, so I have dark letters instead of white ones? It's making me squint sooo much, my head might explode!


Where the heck do iu install the GenesisStartdsrEssentials from DS4.5Pro? The installer is pointing at my DS3 content folder right now. I don't thnk that's right.


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    To change colours go to Window > Styles > Customise Colours. Change one colour remembering what it was before you change it as you might have to change it back. But it is doable if you take it slow and do one at a time.

    As for Genesis Starter Essentials. The installer is fully customisable meaning you can make it install where you want it to go. That should give you the hint on what you have to do...it really is very simple to figure out.

    Where it should go: Where is your DS4.5 My Library folder on your Hard Drive *******\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library

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