DS4.5, Content tab: is there a way to put the "Categories" folder above all the other folders?

Mustakettu85Mustakettu85 Posts: 2,301

Basically the question is in the topic title. I would very much like to have my "Categories" on top for faster access and all the other folders ("DS Formats", "Poser Formats" and especially "Products") conveniently below. Drag'n'dropping does not have any effect.

Is the order hard-wired or is there maybe a hidden value in an .ini file or in the Windows register??

Thanks in advance.

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  • BejaymacBejaymac Posts: 1,205
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    Sadly it's hard coded, as I've been trying to get rid of both it and Products from my Content Library tab.

  • Mustakettu85Mustakettu85 Posts: 2,301
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    Thanks for letting me know... Pity. I hope they are going to do something to this in future releases.

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