Clothing breast problem

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Hi there,

I have a clothing breast problem.
I just have the basic clothes for example the JS Vest.
When a woman want to wear it. You can see the breast, not the full breast but the breast comes through the cloth, the bottom of the breast

Sorry my english ist not good i hope you can help me and know what i mean.

I want to buy more clothing but how can i fix this problem

thank you very mutch.

Best Regards,


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    I'm not seeing that with the Journeyer Scout jacket using the Basic Female morph for Genesis. Is the jacket fitted to Genesis (right-click on the jacket, choose Fit JS Jacket to... from the menu that appears, and select Genesis). If it is already fitted, or if fitting doesn't fix the problem, what morphs are you using?

    One possible solution is to apply a smoothing modifier to the clothes - make sure the jacket is selected, then go to Edit>Figure>Geometry>Apply Smoothing Modifier. Go to the Parameters pane (Window>Panes(Tabs)>Parameters) and on the left, under General, click on Mesh Smoothing - make sure that it lists Genesis as the Collision Item (if it doesn't, click the button and select Genesis). Does that help?

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    Perfect the smoothing modifier did it.
    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards

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