For the Noobs... (Some Words of Motivation)

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Okay, this thread is for the noobs (or people who still think they are)

I have been in this for over a year, and I always hear the same question:

How shall I get started?

My immediate answer is this: as with all things waiting for a first time: open the program and try to crash it. This was advice given to me by a good friend of mine on another forum. I would like to take this further. You do not need to rush your first render. Instead take your time and get to know the community. I say this because you will be needing the help of the community. Ask often and take comfort in knowing that there someone asked a more dumber question than you. It's alright that you have to spend the mast majority of a few nights trying to get a few things right. It's all very common. It's all okay that you have to stretch your money a bit more. The marketplaces are a 24/7/365 'buy this now' environment. But they do have communities. so tip # 2 applies. It is alright for you to mess up the first time. Darkseal never made props without a few bawls in the wastepaper basket. Finally, render what you love and improve often.

I hope that this little bit has helped you.

Til Next Time! ~GO~

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