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Apparent change in metadata policy

Hiro ProtagonistHiro Protagonist Posts: 595
edited December 1969 in Daz Studio Discussion

I noticed with the Hiro 5 bundle that the content is categorized differently to everything else I have that precedes it. Poses and materials are in the Poses and Materials root categories instead of being subcategories of Presets. Now I always wondered why these root categories were largely unused in the first place, but it now means that I have two places to look for some content. Is this an official change of policy and will all future DAZ releases be using the root categories? I guess we are going to be stuck with having to look in the two places as there is far too much stuff under "Presets" already, and following what everyone else has done, that's where I've categorized poses and materials myself. I'm torn as to whether to start using these root categories when I create my own metadata.

Another change is that Hiro 5 is in Figures (as is Arashi), whereas Michael 5 is in People. The only figures I had in that category previously were vehicles, although there is Transportation for that (e.g. Stingray and Unicycle Bob are there).


  • SimonJMSimonJM Posts: 3,880
    edited December 1969

    "I love standards, there are so many to choose from". Not sure who said that, but it's certainly true as regards metadata content. I suspect it is way too late to create a coherent strategy, but it'd be nice if new content conformed to ONE standard.

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