Then I follow a "Created path" I noticed the camera faced in wrong direction! How to correct this!

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Today I made a test animation between some prims! The camera was going left and right etc!
After I set up the animation and all was working fine I wanted to try to use the "Created Path" from
the Objects menu on top of window! I get my camera linked to it and then I also pulled and drag the
path up and litle left and right so it looks like a roller coaster! I did not twist or change camera position
of I know!

The result then running the animation was that after first key position I had it begin to move backwards!
I wanted the camera to continue as before facing forward all the time and not going backwards!
Did I do something by mistake that I don't know and how can I avoid this to happen?

Thanks for advice!

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    Paths doesn't work correctly. I'm afraid it hasn't worked correctly for 5 years and 2 revisions.

    When you create a trajectory, keep it as a trajectory. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid you'll have to redo the trajectory.

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    I see! I wanted to try this to see if it was going to help me turn the cameras smooth in turns!
    I am new to this with animation in Bryce! I don't know how to make a smooth turn to the left or
    right after a straight movement with the camera! I thought the "Created path" should help to make
    the turn easier!

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    Ah... Well, what you're describing there is something I call Fly-Bounce.

    Click on the link under my signature image and take a look at the video "Removing Fly Bounce", see if that helps.

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    Thanks a lot!

    You realy make my day good!
    I liked your tutorial cause it was very easy to follow and
    also some fun! It will be big diferent
    with creating the videos now!

    Thanks again!

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    Hey, thanks, and you're welcome :)

    Doing another tutorial for a 'best practice' guide that eliminates Fly-bounce completely has long been on the cards, but I've had major employment priorities jump in the way I'm afraid. But perhaps I can continue Around Christmas :)

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