Happy Kids?

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So, I'm going through my Gen4 runtimes and porting things over to Genesis with GenX. Figured since we haven't had an official kids package, that I might as well start dealing with the K4 runtime -- since the Gen3 kids are missing in action so far (K4 will transfer over using the autofit clone).

And I hit Virtual World's Happy Kids package which claims to have 8 new face morphs for K4.

It doesn't. It has 7. It has six heads numbered 1-6, and one head numbered 8.

I reset the download and reinstalled, but there are still only seven heads. Anyone know what happened?


  • TheWheelManTheWheelMan Posts: 1,014
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    Maybe the kids weren't as happy as they initially thought they were"

  • JOdelJOdel Posts: 3,951
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    Oh I see. One of them started pouting and they sent him to the naughty corner. The store page still says there should be eight of them though.

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