Convert DAZ Studio Pro output to .KMZ format ? Posts: 0
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Might anyone know of a method by which one could convert output from Daz Studio Pro ( Version )
to Sketchup's .KMZ format ?

So far I have been attempting to do so by exporting to .DAE ( Collada ) format
from Daz, and importing the resulting files into Sketchup 8

Upon doing so, the objects imported are incomplete, with sections of the objects missing ?

I've experimented with the various export options in Daz
...for instance, trying the default and custom formats
and the various individual settings in the Collada Export options

With no success...

I am using the older "Google" version of Sketchup 8
rather than the newer "Trimble" branded one, and wondered if that might
be part of the problem ?

From what I have read online, the issue seems to be related to
the Daz Collada exporter itself, but as I am quite new to Daz
I have no idea if such statements are correct or not.

Thanks for any assistance or guidance members may be able to provide...

- Rick

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