On Bryce and upgrades that it seems to perish!

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Hi Everyone!

Lately I've noticed that fans of the acclaimed Bryce, creator of terrains and landscapes are ndoning or less using the software apparently is losing ground even for other products from DAZ own,
due to lack of upgrades that seem to perish! Version 7 and stopped at Bryce many users who love the program, as well as myself, who began working with 3D thanks to him and was known in many community websites with my 3D models built him freebies. I believe immensely worthwhile implement render engines like Daz Studio ®, to expedite the work.
Add, as a pre render in Daz Studio and Carrara to facilitate assembly of more complex scenes as inserting objects like, trees, rocks, houses etc.
I am writing this on behalf of fellow dozens of communities visited and witnessed the appeal of many artists who give the show of images when the subject is Bryce. Imagine, Daz Studio ® with its wonderful characters from Genesis, set in a scene in Bryce ready, and still render faster and able to accept more nimbly, HDR lighting effects, or perhaps receive the Daz Studio, everything necessary as lighting, camera position, etc., for a one end of a scene and render stunning without losing the charm that provides its Daz Studio scenes.

This is just constructive criticism from someone who truly loves Bryce, as well as hundreds or maybe millions. Please do not let Bryce perish.
I wish I had gotten a list of signatures of those artists, but I decided to face the luck and I apologize if this alert message, I offended anyone, my purpose was just to have a hope that the good old Bryce is worthy of being called "Excellent" Bryce again, after all, all software in the world in need of upgrade, even our old computers.
My best regards!

Anderson Felix Soares - Brazil
AKA - Gendragon

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    Not sure the death Gods of Bryce will hear you . Bryce is dead, RIP .

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    I beg to differ. Bryce is not dead, it is just resting.

    It has been stated in several threads that at the moment Bryce is not in current development. Dev goes in cycles at DAZ 3D, and at this point in time Dev has been concentrated on DS and Carrara.

    When the dev cycle gets back to Bryce, then we will perhaps seem some progress, but in the meantime there are so many cool new features in Bryce 7 to explore, and most of us are doing just that.

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    Hi chohole!
    Thank you for the explanation and fast answer. I trust DAZ.
    I was only concerned, due to noises that lí for the forums of some sites.
    Again, thank you very much.

    My best regards!


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    It's already dead on the Mac. One down, one to go.

    And if this post gets deleted, I wholeheartedly apologize in advance for stating the absolute truth.


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    It has also been stated in other threads, by a member of DAZ 3D management, That the problems with Bryce and the newer Mac OS Xs is one of the first things, if not indeed the first thing, they will look at when Bryce goes back into the dev cycle.

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    It should be pointed out that if DAZ had paid attention to Apple's announcements of what was being changed, deprecated and dropped from OSX, there wouldn't be an issue with Bryce under OSX. Apple announced well before hand what legacy features (like Rosetta) they intended to drop.

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    It has also been mentioned several times that Bryce 7 was released some time before Apple released OS X 10.7, and the dev cycle had been wrapped up and the Mac Bryce dev guy, who was on a contract, had gone on to other things and was no longer with DAZ 3D when Lion was released.

    There are several threads already on the forum about this issue.

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    I now give myself satisfied by the response "chohole."
    I think we should be patient and wait for news without causing an epidemic of criticism. The Daz already aware of all this, from what I understand. Sorry everyone, I've learned to have patience since discovered that when certain things are not so simple to be solved in the blink of an eye, after all, were we humans who create computers and their software, which may arise errors, bugs, because there are multiple platforms and multiple programmers working together, who like us, are not perfect at all. Sincere arms!

    Anderson - Gendragon

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    Well, I have a different opinion - DAZ's management of Bryce has been very poor from the very beginning and they always seem to blame everything but themselves for poor management decisions.

    3 times now DAZ has pulled the programmers off Bryce to work on DAZ Studio - always at a time when Bryce had serious problems to be addressed.

    Jeez - they hired the father of modern Bryce (Brian Wagner), who has spent most of his programing career on Bryce (Mac and PC) and put him to work on D|S and he quit.

    They knew Bryce wasn't going to work on OSX7 and yet they still pulled the Dev team to work on D|S.

    It's been over 2 years since Bryce worked on the Mac which has pretty much killed off the Bryce Mac market and that market is probably gone forever. And at a time when the Mac is the fastest growing segment of the PC market.

    Again this is just my opinion, which I hope is incorrect, but I truly believe that DAZ is trying to kill Bryce off by benign neglect...

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    Good! I think with some comments posted here, proves the dissatisfaction of the fans that Bryce commented earlier. I hope that give a shock to the heart of Bryce! I miss him and I would like to see it running on machines with soft processors that are not as robust.

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    What will keep Bryce Alive is positive vibes, not negativety. Bryce is Alive as long as we, the Bryce users are using it, and proving it is still a vibrant and worthwhile program.

    And incidentally DAZ 3D has done more to keep Bryce alive than anyone. Corel may have released Bryce 5, but it tookDaz 3D to sort it out when they released Br 5.5, and then Br 6 and Br 7.

    Does not this thread, now on 125 pages since the start of the new forums, prove that We are still here, still playing, still learning. http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/9770/

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    Thank you again! For this reason, I posted another picture of me to close this post. I think we should wait, that's all! A hug to everyone!

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