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hi all were do i start lol well iv managed to make a jewelry set for genesis and managed to save to figure/prop made it conform
now this is the part im stuck on ive gone to put colour on to it i can put normal plain colour via colour chart but wen i try to import a image map and render it it renders black see image ribbon teardrop n ball have image map on

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    Did you UV Map the object?

    If not, then an image file wont work properly on it. You need to create a UV Map in something like UV Mapper or similar (free version), create a texture template, save the OBJ, load the template into Photoshop (or similar), colour in the template, save it, then load it into DS4 via the Diffuse channel in the Surfaces tab.

    You can also create Bump, Displacement and Reflection maps the same way.

    That is the gist of it. If you need more help, I am sure we could go into it a bit more for you.

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    oooops i knew there was something i missed out ill uv map it n get back to u thnks hun

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