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Buying lights - worth the money?
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Szark - 10 November 2012 07:44 AM
ReDave - 10 November 2012 06:12 AM

InaneGlory’s photo studio lite was available here: (day 14 freebie), however the links are all dead. I think I recall there was another thread in which he posted an earlier version but I haven’t found it. IIRC there were no mesh lights at all in it.

Sorry Redave you didn’t IIRC this one. wink I just loaded Photo Studio Lite and no UE2 in sight just two meshes with Area Light surfaces added as the image below shows. smile

Ack, you’re right. After checking my archives it turns out I was talking about Simple Soft Lighting. confused Which I believe is the second (well, first one chronologically) freebie product of InaneGlory’s.

@XoechZ: as said, you should use UE2. If instead you want to use multiple standard lights,consider adding a bit of Ambient (you may have to reduce Diffuse Strength by a similar amount), reducing slightly the Specular Strength and decrease somewhat the Glossiness. With your lighting set-up you are obtaining too much of a gradient from highlight to glancing rays, which tends to destroy texture detail. also more low-intensity lights may help. Try also reducing the strength of your main light.

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I’m a fan of pre-made lights. I find I just don’t like messing around with lights, or tutorials.  I think Predatron’s light set has been one of my 100% favorite products. I use those all the time.

Also, some figures like Ohia, come with great lights too. Love the Ohia light set.

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