Problems comnverting DSF to DUF

DogzDogz Posts: 811
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Ok So Im trying to update a DS4 product to DSON - and ive already hit a snag. (DS pro
Im folling the direction as per here....

Problem is after Saving to Duf, While a get a new Duf file in the 'People/GenesisClothing/Product' folder, ALL the respective files in the data folder are still being saved as DSF.
Surley thats not right? What am I doing wrong?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,434
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    That's right - .duf is DAZ User file, to distinguish it from the non-user files in Data.

  • DogzDogz Posts: 811
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    Ok Fair enough, it struck me as odd, but if thats how it works- then thats how it works.
    Thanks Richard.

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