What to do with thumbnail images with some installs?

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Hey all,

I have been installing some older content in ZIP file format, very carefully I might add. Everything is fine making sure to paste the Runtime as instructed. My question is, sometimes, there are additional files that get copied into the root of the Runtime folder from the ZIP which includes thumbnail JPEGS of the product. In some cases there are anywhere from 1 thru 5 small images. Where are these supposed to go? I have many of these now plus some plain text readme files that clutter this folder? Are these images supposed to go into another folder used as a preview somewhere in DAZ Studio 4.5?

Any help as usual is appreciated


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    I doubt they are functional, in the sense of being needed, so you should be safe to copy them either to a readme folder or, if you prefer, to the library folder that the content lives in (or indeed anywhere else you like, including the trash can if you don't want them). Could you give a couple of examples - if they are in my order history I'll download them and have a look.

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    Since I keep all installers and zips archived, I just delete all those 'extras'...although sometimes, they look better than the 'official' icon for the item. In cases like that I'll convert the better looking one to a 91 x 91 png and rename it the name of the official icon.

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    Thank you both for the replies. Much appreciated.

    I will check some specific content items as requested, but I think I am good now, thanks!

    All the best,

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