How can I make scenes like the alchemy chasm?

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I am starting to create scenes in Bryce but these do not seem to be able to load with as much detail in DS like the ones which come packaged with DS.

The problem is that items I create in Bryce come across in wireframe and little detail yet the ones I mention above are perfectly detailed and the character can be moved arond the scene as suits fit.

I need to design a stable interior scene where I can place a dead character on the floor amongst the hay with a pitch fork in his back - not a nice way to go I agree - but he has to die that way - nuff said!

I created a scene before in Bryce but had to import the character posed in there and had to switch back and forth between DS and B in order to pose the character as characters can not be posed in Bryce.

Should I be looking to carrara I wonder - not sure what that package is.

Does anyone know the best way to design a scene which looks great in DS from the word go.

Thank you all in advance for any feedback.



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    Hexagon is free and should enable you to do the modelling. However, you will also need materials - things like Alchemy Chasm have detailed image-based materials created with an image editor and probably various texture resources.

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