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Genesis - Autofit, turning of a joints “bend”
Posted: 09 November 2012 01:51 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hello there hope someone can help me.
I’m rather new to genesis (as opposed to V3,M3,V4,M4 etc)
Anyhow I’ve been converting a character series I’ve been working on with Gen X and reusing existing clothing.
Generally the autofit works very well but a couple of characters are androids and use an armoured exterior.
In the original outfit the bend parameters were turned off (Bot Armour) and the joint replaced with “prop” pieces.
However when I used the autofit tool I can’t seem to find anywhere to turn the joint “bend” parametes off so if you pose the figure the armour gets dragged and distorted, as the mesh bend and twists with the joint.
Any ideas about this or is it a limitation with Genesis/autofit?

Steve C

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You converted the armor to weight mapping…right?

I think you need to set up rigidity groups for the areas you don’t want to be flexible…


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Richard posted this a couple of weeks ago, I think it might be what you need :