DSON runtime folder install problem (MAC)

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I d/l and installed all the required files to use DSON and it shows up in the drop down menu for Scripts, but I’m unable to install the runtime folder in the library. I get a message that the folder doesn’t seem to be a runtime folder.
I’m accessing the files through Daz3D/Studio/MyLibrary/Runtime/Support, but it shows up with just a few items, and they’re `greyed out`. When I check the files through Finder, all the required files are there. Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? I’m using P9 so I d/l the 32 bit files and all the packs.

I also posted this in General, didn't realize there was a Poser forum. I tried to delete it, but don't seem to be able to.

I figured it out. I didn't let the program choose where the files went, I made a Genesis folder. Whew!

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    Support is the metadata folder - no content should go there. You should install to the My Library folder, and have that selected as an External Runtime in Poser.

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    Thanks, Richard. For some reason, the install program was choosing that as the place to put it. I have no idea why, but, after much hair pulling, I finally figured out that could be what was causing the problem. I've now got it installed and it's working beautifully.

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