where can I get a Genesis version Anton's Diamonds type jewelry

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Hello everyone! I am really, really hoping someone knows of an updated jewelry set available similar to the Anton's Diamonds set that was made for Victoria 1. Or even better, a way to adjust/alter the old set to fit Genesis,.

I have searched and searched in Daz store, Renderosity, etc. etc. with no luck, any suggestions anyone? pretty please?


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    I've gotten a lot of the parts to fit genesis by running them through evilinnocence's crossdresser app first to convert them from v1 to v4. The panty part of the main piece doesn't fit yet but crossdresser has a lot of adjustment options that I hope will eventually get me a good fit. Anyway after converting in crossdresser, then I put them on Genesis with autofit. .The way crossdresser works, it can convert from a huge list of figures, and you just pay for the license for the "target" figure that you're trying to convert to. So to convert to V4 you buy the XDresser V4 license and you're ready to convert V1 stuff. Like I said it's not perfect, but it works for at least half the V1 stuff in my collection, including the necklaces and bracelets from the diamonds set.

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