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I have tried 3 times to donwload the Ultralight Poser for Windows file and each time it fails with an item not found error message.
I have tried contacting support and get another page not found. On the invoice there is a contact e-mail which I also tried but got a delivery failure. Now at last I can post on forums perhaps rhis can be looked at.

This is the e-mail I sent to [email protected]


I have not been able to download one item from my order that I placed on your new site. The error seems site related - unable to locate file.
The item is 14292 Ultralight. I have tried 3 times at different times of the day but the same error occurs each time. When I try to report this using
the new site I get a 'page not found' when I try to register the bug. I have one last down load attempt left. Please could you rest my downloads
and investigate the links to this object? I was trying to download the PC poser version.

PS would it be possible to hide/show just PC/Mac files - the download list is twice as long as it needs to be (4 times if you also add Poser/DS split).



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    Please contact support at the temperately at this address until zendesk is back up. cs @ daz3d.com. DO to a java error you have to post emails this way. Please take out the spaces before and after @

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    Interestingly, I've been getting exactly the the same issue with exactly the same file. Everything else I've downloaded is just fine, but this one I've tried multiple times. I'm wondering whether anyone else has had this too. I've not contacted support because I'm not desperate to use the item at this time, and I figured it would get fixed.

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    I have contacted support now.

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    Had the same issue with that file they suggested I go to my order history and reset it from there. That seemed to work for me. Just find the ultralight in your Itemized order history list and click on restset in the right hand column. (Hope that helps) Now that being said I can't get my RHS Stagecoach to download correctly so i can install it even after two resets and Tech support has not answered me yet. Now CS was right on the ball with helping me out no complaints there.

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    Thanks for the help. The fix works and I was able to download the file and run it.

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