It's a Small World (or, Atmospheric Haze Effects for Spacescapes)

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Hi again. I'm looking for some way to create an atmospheric haze effect in D/S, like this image. I can make the planets, but would like to render the effect as well without having to add it in Photoshop. I'd be most grateful if someone can point me in the right direction! Thanks!

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 25,336
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    One option would be to use one or more sphere primitives around the planet, with low opacity. Yoy might experiment with pwGhost - some of its edge effects might help you achieve the look.

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    A low Ambient setting also will help on a second sphere and keep transparency in mind as you test render. I've done this before but it has been a very long time.

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    Thanks for the advice - I'm looking forward to trying it out when I get home! :)

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    To replicate the image up top, just use a shader with Velvet capability. You can also add a transparent sphere around the planet and use Velvet on it. You can find that on Ubersurface and/or in Shader Mixer.

  • jerriecanjerriecan Posts: 413
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    Thanks for all the advice - I haven't yet found the exact effect I'm after, but thanks to your advice I'm getting much closer. I've never used the Shader Mixer before, so I've got a lot to learn. Thank you so much!

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