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M4's lower jaw? ie Steve Tyler at the microphone

MistyRaraMistyRara Posts: 22,532
edited December 1969 in The Commons

last night, before the 'lectric died.

i was trying to open M4's lower jaw, but it wasn't working.

can i lower his jaw with bend dials? or do i need morphs to move his lower teeth, etc?

this was the photo reference i was trying to imitate:

201 x 201 - 8K


  • kiwi_ggkiwi_gg Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    I think you will need the full morph pack to do that even then you may only come close, Steven has a biiiiig mouth.


  • MistyRaraMistyRara Posts: 22,532
    edited November 2012

    kiwi_gg said:
    I think you will need the full morph pack to do that even then you may only come close, Steven has a biiiiig mouth.


    lol yeah

    i was browsing through the expression packs in the store.

    i see an open mouth in 100 Essential Emotions for M4.
    not Steve Tyler, but it's a starting point :)
    would like to know if it was done via bend/translate or morph?

    will need cheeks dimples and eye/nose crinkles, too.

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  • vwranglervwrangler Posts: 2,301
    edited December 1969

    If you have M4 Morphs++, you can click on the head, and there will be a Morphs++ section in the Parameters. Click once on the arrow to the side of that to make it open up, and there should be a section for the Mouth. If I recall correctly, one of the items will be Mouth Open and one will be Mouth Open Wide. If you need more than that, you can always uncheck the Limits and see just how big Michael's mouth can get!

  • mjc1016mjc1016 Posts: 14,741
    edited December 1969

    Not as big as Steve's before he tries to swallow his neck...

  • MistyRaraMistyRara Posts: 22,532
    edited December 1969

    those mouth open dials only seemed to move his lips?

    do they actually move his lower jaw?

    i can't try again til electricity comes back.

  • vwranglervwrangler Posts: 2,301
    edited November 2012

    Oh, yeah. We got some jaw movement here.

    Currently used dials on the left, and M4 in all his open mouthed glory:

    ...Of course, Michael's mouth isn't as big as Tyler's. That's just ... scary, somehow.

    It would probably work best to apply some sort of smile/grin morph that would get the expression into the entire face -- maybe using the Morphs++ "Happy" expression would help as well. That's what I did with the (hopefully) second one, the one that shows that the eyes are now in the Currently Used section.

    1165 x 852 - 315K
    1164 x 881 - 313K
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  • MistyRaraMistyRara Posts: 22,532
    edited December 1969

    woww, who knew Michael had such fantastic molars. lol


    psyched to try it.

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