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Toon Santa Back on Norad Tracks Santa
Posted: 08 November 2012 11:20 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I just noticed that NORAD has updated the NORAD Tracks Santa site with an updated version of Toon Santa. Check it out. I have seen seen DS and Poser models out in the “real world” before, but this is one that’s been out there for over six years now.

What Id like to point out to those who use DS or Poser,  there’s never been a question from the “client” about what it was made in - a reminder that end product counts, not what got you there.

I can’t make an end run around NORAD’s announcements for 2012, but its going to be an interesting year. You can track Santa’s flight on the site, play some games (forthcoming - really neat stuff), and its even possible to call in on Christmas Eve to get a direct report from NORAD HQ (not a voice system, but volunteers). Ive heard that the program is the largest Department of Defence private sponsored, volunteer run program.



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