How to load buildings / rooms ????

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Hello i'm playing around some time now with Daz3d studio, Genesis, M5 and V5, and my own photo's as backdrops.

I wanted to extend to a full 3D eviroment and bought Daz3D cozy studio for a start.

But i can not find how to load the cozy studio.

Please help ?11


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    HI Robert

    There should be an option in the "figures" folder to load the complete set,. or the individual parts, and then you can move those around as you need them.

    Many sets come as Poser format , so they may be in your "Content Library" / poser formats, ..instead of in the "Smart Content"

    All products should have a "readme" file which is installed with the product, and should give you some basic loading and using the product,.. type of information, ...and a link to a list of the installed files, and their locations.

    try looking in

    Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library\ReadMe's

    Hope it helps :)

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    This product actually has a PZ3, which is a poser scene file. I believe that DS can read poser scene files.

    The readme stuff for this product can be found here

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    Thaks for responding. I found it.

    Its under DAZ Studio Formats/My Library/Props/Bluebird 3D/A Cozy Studio

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