Eva1's Glorious Glass and Old & Worn - Full product Images available here [Commercial]

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Hi everyone, all of the promotional images for these material packs are currently not being displayed on the product pages, so here are the images so that you can see exactly what the different materials you are getting in the packs are:
Both packs are compatible with Bryce versions 6 and 7.

350 x 455 - 82K
350 x 455 - 88K
350 x 290 - 66K
350 x 576 - 90K
350 x 577 - 93K
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  • Kulay WolfKulay Wolf Posts: 13,303
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    Looks great

  • Eva1Eva1 Posts: 697
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    Thanks! - I'd give you some cake if I had some (and could send it electronically!):lol:

  • jade monkeyjade monkey Posts: 109
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    these look awesome!

  • TotteTotte Posts: 8,188
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    Looking great!

  • BlazeMystEraBlazeMystEra Posts: 425
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    Awweee... I wish they were for DS... Awesome!

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