OT: got to love coincidences!

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This made me laugh in stunned surprise, and amazed a nice Nepalese lady ... no, not that - minds out of gutter, please! ;)

Tuesday morning I had a nice chat with a chap called Tony in a cafe.

Tuesday lunchtime/early afternoon had a drink down the pub with my ex-boss, a chap called Tony.

Tuesday evening I went for a curry with a friend who has just returned from having emigrated to Australia, a nice guy called ... yup, Tony.

All different people. But that is NOT the coincidence, really. That's far more spooky!

I had been chatting to Sam (the nice Nepalese lady) who runs the restuarant with her husband Roj, explaining that I was meeting my third Tony of the day and sharing that wierdness. Sat down at the table and waited for a moment, deferring drink selection until Tony arrived which he does after a minute or so. I introduce Tony to Sam, she greets him and he takes off his long coat, drapes it over the chair and sits.

I go wide-eyed, laugh in a little amazed shock and point. To his jumper. Which has, in big letters, '03' on the chest. How is that, my third Tony of the day, suitably labelled! :)

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    Very Spooky indeed.

    It really makes you wonder somtimes. :)

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    Oh hey I love that...cool

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    Okay, my turn! Now this one will seem a bit far-fetched, but I guarantee you, this actually happened. I even have screened evidence.

    Okay, back in May a Canadian Skype friend of mine's sister passed away from pancreatic cancer. Her name was Annabelle, she was 15 years old, had blonde hair, brown eyes and was born mute (due to the fact that she was born without a tongue). She and her brother were very close. Sometime before she passed, another Skype friend of mine and I once talked to her. After her cremation and burial (she had her ashes buried) her brother would claim that he still spiritually contacts her in which he says that Anna now likes to help people in various places. So one evening my friend grouped called us to show us a screen that he woke up to; a YouTube lyric video of a Nightwish song called "Ever Dream" stopped at the line "heal the scars", the time of the evening was 5:49 PM. I looked at it, and I didn't really see anything significant to it so I brushed it off.

    However, I go to my college's cardio room the next evening at around 5:00 PM with my iPod Nano, which most of my music on it is mostly Lady Gaga and Nightwish. I sign myself into the room's administration's desk student sheet and occupy a vacant machine. After a while, the Ever Dream song plays, and after the opening lyrics "Would you do it with me, heal the scars--" the thing goes dead out of power. This is highly unusual as I had JUST charged it the day before without once using it until then, so there's no reason why it should have gone out so quickly. So anyway, unhappily I look at the clock behind me and I take quick notice that the time is 5:49 PM. Of course, at the time I was rather aggravated that my music was gone (I HATE exercising without having my songs to get lost into) but i just looked back to the machine I was on and endured through.

    By the time I was done it was 6:30 PM. I go to the area's administration desk to check out and I discover that where my name was, someone had already signed me out... at 5:49 PM. I inform the administrator there of this and he looks at it and says, "Oh, it must have been that girl from earlier." I ask him what he means by that to which he responds, "Just some blonde chick." I look at him with a bit of a realizing shock and proceed to ask him, "Wait. blonde? This may seem odd but... What color were her eyes, by any chance?" he says, "I'm not sure but they looked kind of dark. I want to say brown. She looked really young, too. like, High school young." I stand there speechless and he continues with, "In fact, she came in right around as you were complaining about your iPod. We were looking at you and she kind of giggled quietly to herself before she left. Why? Do you two know each other?"

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    RC, I'd say that is definitely something to pay attention to.

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    co·in·ci·dence noun
    You weren’t paying attention to the other half of what was going on.
    -- "The Hipcrime Vocab", Chad C. Mulligan
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