genesis making its own modifications

Hello i am not sure if this is the exact place to put this thread but here it goes.
I have just upgraded my Daz Studio from 4 to 4.5 and there seems to be a few issues with old content and genesis. when i first started 4.5 with the recommended packages installed and Genesis loaded like the warrior princess and thanks to another post here in the forum i was able to "fix" that issue but due to me not really knowing what is going on when Daz loads things there are a few errors like Genesis still loading like a female instead of being genderless and when i go to change the model a bit like to Michael 5 it gives him breasts and makes his butt bigger. i have looked at the log file several times to figure out what is going on i had several duplication errors so i tried uninstalling several things that it said were duplicates and now i have a huge number of missing files but no more duplicates. any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

1949 x 1070 - 424K
1945 x 1079 - 253K


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