Saving a Pose in 4.0

sarge74sarge74 Posts: 107

Back in the day with 3.0 I used to have fun making poses to use later. I think I used a Daz script called a pose exporter. Now that I'm finally getting the hang of 4.0, I can't seem to find anything like that currently. I tried saving a pose under File/Save As/ Pose Preset... but it saves it as a .dsb not a pz2. I kept my old runtime form 3.0 because I had it organized just like I wanted it and have not tried the new way 4.0 organizes content. The .dsb file will not pull up in my pose files to use. I can find it when I just look at the folder in windows, but Daz won't give it to me to use on a new scene and model.
Can anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial or tell me how to create and save new poses in my library for future use?


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