What to do when an add-on includes an item that doesn't seem to appear in the original item?

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The title of this post is rather confusing, but what I'm trying to ask is, what do you do when an item of clothing (to take the example that I'm having difficulty with right now) has a component that doesn't appear in the original but several add-ons do include mats and textures for it? Specifically, I'm asking about Billy-T's V4 Leather Corset:


As it stands, the item doesn't include a garter belt even though it appears in several of the promo pictures; however, a couple of add-ons do:


I'm feeling quite perplexed because obviously the authors of these add-ons have found a way to add garter belts or garter straps to this corset, but I can't. Is this another case like the coffin prop this past weekend where I have to go into the editor/shader/surface tab to add the thing manually? I'd like to figure this out because finding a decent garter belt, especially one that works with the FBM morphs, is important to the looks of several characters I'm developing.


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    The first freestuff item is a garter, the other is a texture for it.

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    The garter belt does come with that corset. Should be in your figures folder with the rest of the outfit, if not reset your download to get the updated version.

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