Photoshop CS 6 Extended, problems with DAZ Studio

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I've downloaded Photoshop CS 6 Extended on the free months trial. I've spent all day working on it (it's nearly 11 pm here in Scotland now) I've got the hang of most of it I think, watching the tutorial on You Tube. But once I've squared up my artwork (a tattoo) onto the imported body, Photoshop freezes my computer. I can't transfer it back to DAZ Studio 4.5 (64 bit) . Then I've got to start again. When I close DAZ I find I've got to re-install the Photoshop Bridge into DAZ on opening it again. Is there another more stable program I can use instead of Photoshop? I'm not going to fork out over £300 for something that crashes every time!!!!!!

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    You might want to edit the thread title to make it clear that it's the PS Bridge to DS you are asking about. Also, which version of PS this is (I suspect the demo is Extended, even if you are looking at the regular version to purchase - though £300 sounds closer to the upgrade price.)

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    Thanks for the advice Richard. I've added a bit more info, hopefully it might generate a reply. Thanks again. Norrie

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