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How do you make a four legged animal walk forward??
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I’ve just bought the Elephant and the Tiger from the DAZ shop but I cant get all four legs to move when they’re walking forward (or any direction), just the hind legs, they look like they are ‘moon walking’. I’ve searched You Tube but all the tuts are for 2 legged animals. I definitely wont be buying any centipedes!!!



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Tease it with food ...... oops sorry. Actually I don’t have a clue about animations .....but I have seen some animation stuff on ShareCG,for the milhorse,maybe you could work from that???

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Animations for 4 legged animals will work [possibly with some tweaking] on several of the 4 legged animals. There are/were several cat, large cat, gorilla and horse animations available somewhere on

Found one link:

Edit: Gold mine! He’s put them altogether in one download, info here;


Stuff in Clouds Photos, lots of ‘em grin