What's Going on with the Shop?

les.bastableles.bastable Posts: 0
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What??? I've just logged onto the site, the page formatting is all over the place with the shop headings displayed in a string above anything useful. When you do manage to locate anything you may wish to purchase, the price changes when you get to the checkout section (V4 creature wings going from 5 to 13 odd dollars). Other items in the 1.99 area being priced at over 11 dollars? I am a little confused......


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,036
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    The layout issue can usually be fixed by force refreshing the page - ctrl-F5 in Firefox and IE.

    The changing prices sounds as if your login is failing - log out, then log in again and see if the prices are then stable and correct.

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