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These are the boots worn by actors to give them extra height and could have up to 20in thick soles.

The nearest I have found so far is:


I intend to use them on a genesis character so (hopefully) autofit will fit them no matter what character they were originally designed for.

Or would there be another way to get the height effect?


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    I have that set and the flatter platform shoes work great. I wouldn't use autofit unless you're using the DS4.5 RC as DS4 trashes the morphs. If you're using DS4.0 you'll need to use the transfer utility on the shoes to retain the morphs. The shoes DO have morphs on the rfoot/lfoot portions of the tree to make the sole higher or shorter. The bottom 1/4 or so does start bowing outwards though the longer you extend them.

    Gen 3 shoes tend to work better with Genesis than Gen 4 shoes do as the zero pose for the feet of the two generations are more similar.

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    Thanks for that info and image.

    The product page didn't mention (to me anyway) that the height/depth of the soles is adjustable and that capability is just what I wanted.

    And I am using 4.5 so the autofit should work.

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    If you look at the What's Included tab for the product, you'll see some of the shoes have a Sole Smaller morph listed. That is the platform height.

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    Oh! is that what that meant.

    I see it is a Daz item so as soon as I get my PC $6 coupon I will buy it.

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