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Some folks have asked if my usual xmas freebie(s) can be posted before December this year. They like to make and send out things like cards early. I always like to help where possible, so here it is..

When Rudolph, Dasher and Prancer are feeling poorly, Santa has a backup in the form of the Jetbike.

An highly efficient and eco friendly vehicle, the Jetbike is powered by reindeer generated methane, and can easily reach sublight speeds. Steered by grabbing the handle bars, then wobbling the belly left and right, this 3D model also has skiddy bits for take off and landing.

Plus it includes (non working) details such as launch buttons and levers. Theres also a working hatch for when Santa needs to deliver pressies and a M3 Rider Starter pose.

Features one texture set, templates included, though for best results you should replace the paintwork, silver and metal texture maps with app specific shaders. An example of this is shown in the sample artwork you can see here.

So as you've been good this year, heres your chance to let your favourite Poser people have a play!

1024 x 768 - 133K


  • SalvatoreSalvatore Posts: 147
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    Oh MY !!!

    Updated transport boils down to hitech Santa deliveries... :coolgrin:

    Well thanks Mr Sparky, and Merry Christmass !!
    (For this, and every next year in the future)

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    This is fun!

    Thank you very, very much!

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    merry xmas to you :roll:

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    This is the difference between early Christmas music and early Christmas presents - everybody like early presents!


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    Here's an extra long THANK YOU! :)

    (LOL - too interesting to explain )

    edit: OK... I will explain...

    I tried to say "Thank you", but everytime I tried it wouldn't let me post....It was explained to me that my post needed to be longer... lol

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