How do you mirror bones? keeping size and angle...

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Is there a way to have the bone on the opposite site eg left arm bone and mirror to the right so they in the same axis, obviously flipped of course. Or a quick way to line it up and scale to a bone on the opposite side group? Also How do you erase painted weightmaps? If there is a way to erase like you add then please let me know.


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    In DAZ Studio? If so then when the Joint Editor tool is active there is a Mirror Joints option in the Tool Settings option menu>Edit submenu - right-click the pane's tab or click the menu button in the top corner to get the option menu - or in the right-click context menu.

    If you hold down Alt when using the weight painting tool it will go into subtractive painting mode - you can edit the modifiers in Edit>Customise (Window>Workspace>Customise in 4.5)

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    Thanks dude. Ahh Alt is the key...

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