DAZ Studio Normal Maps

SimonWMSimonWM Posts: 872

I see that in DAZ Studio you cannot control the amount of normal maps you apply to a character like you can with displacement. How would you expose or create a slider that brings some control to normal maps? This is for a MLIE product I have in planning stages. Thanks in advance.


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    You don't.

    Normal maps use three colors to map the 'details' in 3D space, so the 'amount' is already 'built in' to the map...it's just an on/off (map/no map) control.

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    That's unfortunate. If you need to make changes in the skin of a character and still be able to use clothing on that character the best way is normal maps because displacement maps will make the geometry intersect the clothing. I know there is also bump maps but bump maps won't look good in every angle.

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