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ATTN: Website administrators
Posted: 04 November 2012 12:36 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I’m at a complete loss as to where on the forums to post these problems but this seems as good a place as any to start.

I’ve encountered 3 problems over time regarding the new DAZ site.

The first problem is with the “PM” function, the second involves a missing file from Hexagon, and the third is a login problem.

This problem has 2 parts.
A user PMed me with a request for a file. As expected, my PM icon lit up and I read his message requesting said file.
I responded, asking him for an email address to send it to.
I expected my PM to light up again indicating his response, but it never did. After 24 hours I went into my message area to see if my message to him was actually sent (which resulted in what will be part “1b” of this problem).
However, it turned out he HAD responded within minutes of my request with his email address, but my PM icon never lit up to indicate that response.
While in my message area, I looked in my “sent” box anyway.
All I have listed there are 2 replies I sent to other users back when the new DAZ site was first set up.
There SHOULD be many more comprised of both a few PMs I have initiated to other users, and at least 5 others that were replies I made to other users PMing me. These are all missing.

Hexagon is missing a critical file for users that need to import DXF files. That file is named ADINIT.DAT
All previous versions have had that file included in the installation, but it is missing in
Rather than depending on the kindness of others to restore that file for users who ONLY have access to, would it be possible for DAZ to put up a sticky “errata” section where such a missing file could be downloaded?

This is more of an irritant to me than a real “problem”, but it still appears site related.
Very recently (within the last week or so) the site has been persistantly logging me out after 24 hours or so.
Prior to this, I was pretty much permanently logged in unless I overtly logged out.
“Permanent login” is my preferred state, so is there any way of my restoring this?




For any arguments or illustrations I give, my system specs are:
Hexagon version,  XP pro 32 bit,  pentium core2 duo,  ATI radeon 3870, 2 gigs ram

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1a I get this, along with a reported 0 post count - if you aren’t seeing your post count in the ehader the PM button’s being clear cannot be trusted. Usually the button is lit as long as I am seeing the proper page header.

1b PMs are saved to your Sent box only if you check the option when composing them.

2 Please open a support ticket. DAZ is the only legitimate source of the missing file, it is not OK for others to provide it.

3 This may be related to 1a. It is an issue, and it is on the web team’s list as far as I know (but I will check).


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afreaginname - 04 November 2012 12:36 PM

Very recently (within the last week or so) the site has been persistantly logging me out after 24 hours or so.
Prior to this, I was pretty much permanently logged in unless I overtly logged out.

I’m curious about this — any chance of an official DAZ response? I can never stay logged in longer than two or three hours, and almost always there is no indication I’m logged out until I do something — e.g. trying to view a My Account page — requiring logged-in status. From what I’ve read on other threads many, many other people are in a similar or worse situation. I know things went seriously pear-shaped when the store was switched over, but the complete randomness of this problem (plus the fact it’s got no better in how many months…?) is a real head-scratcher.


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