Real conforming moustaches and dwarven beards wanted

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In December starts the great new Hobbit-Movie (full of nice dwarves), all arround the world steampunk is in fashion, but real mustaches or artful braided dwarven-beards are missing.

I am looking for some gorgeous, really moldable conforming 3D-beards, preferably for DAZ Genesis to build some dwarves und steampunk-gentlemen. :-)

(I know there are some modern texture-based beards arround, but that's not what I'm looking for. I attached some drawing of what I'm looking for.)

I didn't post this into the freepository, because maybe some of the great daz artists going to build some for the store?

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    Count me in for this request! Those would be AWWESOME!

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    You guy's should checkout the LAMH thread. Real hair that you design for DS4.5. Can be saved and used over and even shared with others.

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    Or check out this thread with a similar product but you can try out the beta for yourselves

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    Oh Yes Mec4D is doing some good stuff. I have this one it is very good.

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    Jaderail said:
    Oh Yes Mec4D is doing some good stuff. I have this one it is very good.

    Thanks :-)
    That will work for some more realistic renders of steampunk-gentlemen.

    But for an adult dwarf (I mean a real male adult dwarf, not a dwarven woman or garden gnom) this beards are too short even.
    And there are no braids.

    I know there was a long beard for M4 (I have it in my library), but that looks not very spruce, as for a noble dwarf or wizard needed.

    The Garibaldi-System looks very intriguing, for realistic renders it will probably a great thing, when it's finished. My artworks are more comic/anime-like, so this is a little bit too realistic.
    The beards I need should be a little bit more in the style of WarCraft, GuildWars or Torchlight II.

    Maybe some artist will publish something in the manner of the Hobbit-Movie, when it starts. (When LOTR started, years ago, DAZ published some similar clothes for M3 - maybe, they do again.)

  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 5,544
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    The Garibaldi system does a clumpy that makes the hair more cartoon like, I've only had a chance to mess with it a bit - but its got amazing potential.

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    Not exactly what you may be looking for, but my Gnome has this:

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