Possible to replace figures?

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Hi all,

Is it possible to replace a 3d figure with another one, without ruining other setting?
Say, if I create a 300 frame short movie with V4 wearing cloth and have bvh imported to her, I find that M4 with cloth is more suitable.
Could I simply replace V4 (with clothing) with M4 (with clothing) directly?
Or I need to start from scratch to set M4 again?

Thanks in advance


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    HI Sam :)

    The first point is that M4 and V4 are male and female so , apart from the possibility of the clothes not working on both figures,. it can be done.

    You would Load the new figure,. Then use Edit / Align, to position it exactly where the existing figure is.

    You would save the Animation, or poses in the existing figure as an NLA Clip,. (V4's NLA clips will work on M4) since they have the same bone structure.

    You would need to select any clothes which are conformed (fitted to) the original figure,. and change the figure they're fitted to, using the right hand panel for that item.

    You can then apply the NLA clip from the original figure,.. to the replacement figures track.

    hope that makes sense :)

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    Thank you for your tips, I will try it later, 3dage.

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