Vendors names no longer work as links

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On the old site, when looking at a product page, you could click on the vendor's name and call up that vendor's store. Is that no longer going to be the case with the new store, 'cause you can't do that now. You now have to type in that vendor's name in the search bar -- no big deal, but still an interesting change.

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    It's supposed to be temporary, only until they code it in. Many vendors have added the search link to their store products in their signature line until it is resolved.

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    yep we are hoping it get sorted quickly

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    This subject line caused me a sudden panic, because on my gallery site I have links to all the products I used for each image, and the links for DAZ products are all of the form I was suddenly afraid that those links might have stopped working too, in which case my weekend was going to involve a lot of editing.

    Fortunately, DAZ has done the smart thing and the old-style links redirect to the new URL for each product. Nice work, DAZ guys - Tim Berners-Lee would approve.

    It's good to be reminded that, despite the confusion over the new site, the DAZ web team have got a lot right, and things seem to be getting better as the days go by.

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