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I am running DS 54 bit. (I'm too scared to install the lastest version after all the horror stories).

I have installed my updated dynamic clothing control, but it does not appear as an option in the tabs - it also no longer appears as installed.

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    Did you install the latest Dynamic Control Updated files? Those are only for DS4.5. Also check that you installed the 64 Bit version and not the 32 bit version. Lastly, open Help> About Installed Plugins and see if it needs the serial code entered.

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    You would need to look at Help > About Installed Plugins to see what has happened.

    You say you installed the DCC, does that mean that you bought the full version, if not, then you should not have installed it, as the DCC comes as part of the main installer. See if you can uninstall it again if that is the case.

    XPost, sorry Geoff.

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    I caught my error, yes it's HELP menu. Not Windows.

  • GranvilleGranville Posts: 353
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    I reset my downloads to install the latest dynamic cloth installer for 4.5 Before I installed it it was listed in the plugins but not on the menus or tabs. After I installed it disappeared even from installed plugins. I'm confused. It is like it uninstalled it not installed.

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    Did you buy the full version of the DCC from the store at some time? If so, there should be a place to enter the serial number in Help > About Installed Plugins.

    If not, as I said earlier, you should not have installed the DCC plugin, as it is now part of the main installer.

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