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Very disappointed and confused with Hiro 5
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Sure Stephanie did not have that many morphs but they were really well made and I think add something more to genesis

Hiro 5 how ever was just one morph for the head and body and one really plain texture and the product line for him was really blah in my opinion

I really like the most recent stuff for the new teens

I am going to try and do a Batman and Robin render tomorrow

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Kyoto Kid - 30 December 2012 08:57 PM
araneldon - 03 November 2012 12:37 PM

I was also disappointed to see just one head and body shape in the product and the high cost of the individual items.

...I actually felt the same with Steph5.  Three body shapes none of which are really “petite”.  No Petite FBM as the Gen4 version has, no PBMs like the Gen4 version has, and only three instead of six character body shapes/head morphs.  Fortunately I got her during a sale, and with my PC coupon, paid only a couple Zlotys.  Find that I still use Steph4 for Genesis a lot more.

Wait… so petite = thin as well as short?  That’s news to me (at 5’0”, size 8 US).  I have to shop in the petite section of any clothing store, and still have trouble finding things below a size 10.  (I’m teasing… kinda. My body shape is not too far off from the Steph 5 Curvy morph, and she still has 5 cm on me.)

That said, I agree that Steph 4 brought a lot more options to the Gen 4 girls than Steph 5 does to Genesis.  Just the proportion morphs alone were worth Steph 4’s price of admission.  I haven’t tried to move them over with GenX, because they basically are scaling morphs, and I’m not afraid to go in and adjust scaling myself.

As for Hiro 5 ...although I don’t know why they aren’t listed, he does have eye adjustment and nose moprhs.  I don’t have Hitomi to compare, but while Hiro does have less than Hitomi, it’s not quite as barren as the OP made out.


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