Adjusting FPS of Carrara Project

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I saved out a pz2 file at 60 FPS from mimic pro.
When I double click on that pz2 in Carrara, I'd had my fps set to 24.

I can switch my fps to 60fps afterward, but that doesn't change the amount of time the animation fills. I'll probably just start over since this was at the beginning of things, but is there a way to adjust the fps on a pose you just imported, or do you just have to be careful to set Carrara to the right frames per second ahead of time?



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    If you select all the keyframes in the sequencer (zoom out if needed) you can "control click" the end one and drag it to one side. This will proportionately space out the entire timeline.

    Hope that helps...

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    you can save it as an NLA master clip only ticking the head and neck boxes and adjust the length

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    Thanks for the suggestions. In this case, I just reloaded fresh, but wanted to know how to deal with it if happened deeper into a project. I'm working with lip synch so didn't want to have to ball park anything.

    I'm still running into frequent problems in C8.5 pro where I get an error and can't save the scene - so I have to keep working and make due and render before losing all the work - very frustrating as sometimes freezes completely . . .

    Should probably do all my non-genesis workin C8.1 Pro because I don't remember having the same issue - but I really like being able to browse for content in C8.5.

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