Easier way of converting DS4 content into DS4.5 Content?

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So, Dimension3d has generously made a free script that pretty much eliminates the need for Poser Companion files for figures, since the PC file just puts the DS file references into the Poser runtime structure. And there's good tutorial a on converting DS4 poses and materials into DS5 (duf) in the DSON documents.

But I'm lazy. I don't suppose anyone has made a script/plugin that would convert DS4 pose/materials into DUF files? Preferrably with batch capabilities?

And if not... Anyone want to try? I'd pay for that. I shudder at the idea of redownloading ALL that genesis content as it gets updated, and I'm WAY too lazy to follow that tutorial a zillion times, too.

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    I don't think that wonderful script remotely eliminates the need for the Importer. I much rather have the files in my Poser library rather than have to find them each time I want to load an item. Now THAT's lazy!

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