Confused, annoyed?

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I just added a bug report (about CMS crashing) and, as ever, sighed heavily over the fact I had around 3 or 4 reports dating back to June this year that had not even been acknowledged.

When I had finished entering the report I noticed that those reports no longer showed up. A search didn't reveal them either. They seem to be just gone. No email, no contact, nothing.

What the hell? Come on chaps - play the bloody game :(

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    Check that your category for searches isn't limited? I have noticed that if I report something in category X, it stays there until I manually switch it to "all" categories.

    Oh and ditto for keywords.

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    You know, I am beginning to hate Mantis ... I did not change a ruddy thing so far as Project goes and yet it got changed on me.
    Yes, they are there, so apologies to any and all concerened (except, maybe whoever designed Mantis! ;))

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